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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Review: Exit Here by Jason Myer

Exit Here by Jason Myer

Released: May 2007
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Age Group: Young Adult
Pages: 464
Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult
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Travis is back from college for the summer, and he's just starting to settle in to the usual pattern at home: drinking, drugging, watching porn, and hooking up.
But Travis isn't settling in like he used to; something isn't right. Maybe it's that deadly debauch in Hawaii, the memories of which Travis can't quite shake. Maybe it's Laura, Travis's ex, who reappears on the scene after a messy breakup and seems to want to get together — or not. Or maybe it's his suddenly sensing how empty and messed up his life is, and wanting out.
But once you're at the party, it's tough to leave...

This young adult book is more for the older readers or those who are alright with reading some graphic and adult related subjects because that's a reoccurring theme in Jason Myers "Exit Here"

This book didn't appeal to me as I thought it would. It was different. I liked the twists. But it was another sex, drug, bad boy/girl kinda book. I mean, its down the alley of Ellen Hopkins so that's one of the main reasons that it appealed to me. The other was the first line of the story. Those one line hooks, man did it draw me in. 

Travis was a teenage boy who had everything going for him (as most people usually do before the addiction hits) and now we read about his story and wondering what actually happened on that day in Hawaii that Travis came back from changed and scared. We read of the difficulties he faces when trying to combat his demons and how he goes about his day with drugs, sex, and whatever else he does.

Again, i recommend this book for those who enjoyed Ellen Hopkins' books or those who have read "Go Ask Alice" and "Jay's Journal" because then this book would be right up your alley. Me? Well it took me a while to get into the book and it was more towards the end because I was really waiting to figure out what really happened with Travis in Hawaii and I'm sure that's what Jason Myers was wanting me to do too: stick with the book to find out. And I did. And I'm glad i did because the twists that happened, I wasn't expecting them so I say bravo :)


Story: B 

Cover: B