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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cover v. Cover (Round 2)

A meme hosted by As These Pages Fly

*Ding Ding*  "The Competitors have entered the ring!"

                   New  Covers                                                               Old  Covers


 Ohhhh why must this bee a tough fight. Being a HUGE Uglies fan this is a tough battle because both editions of the covers are fantastic. The plain and simple work of the new covers are breath taking but the reminiscent rendition of the older covers make me fall to my knees in agony to choose. Is it possible for me to choose a draw? Probably not. There must be a winner. There was always one cover that I loved the best from the old ones and that was Specials but for the new covers I love them all because when you read the series you know what each cover means. For this battle I can see the ending! 

New Covers