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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cover v. Cover (Round 3)

A meme hosted by As These Pages Fly

*Ding Ding*  "The Competitors have entered the ring!"

                 US  Covers                                                                           UK  Covers


Oh goodness these are both beautiful covers. Both full of meaning from the story and yet here they are, fighting to reign supreme! The US cover has a deep dark feeling, the grass burnt and black and in the middle is a girl who has taken the form of ash. Really deep. The UK cover gives us the tingle of our Cinderella in Disney-like form, holding the glass slipper. And the text on the UK version is, well i think it fits better than the US version, I don't like its placement on the cover nor do I really like the font of the color.

UK Cover

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Raimy-rawr said...

The UK Cover is by far my fave! :)

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