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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Blog Tour: Crossroads by J.J. Bonds Review & Giveaway

Published: November 9, 2011
Young Adult
Pages: 310
Genre: Paranormal
As if high school isn't miserable enough, try being uprooted and dropped fangs first into an uptight prep school where everyone knows your name and they'll stop at nothing to uncover the secrets of your past.
     When Katia enrolled at Crossroads Academy she knew things weren't exactly going to be easy. The sole heir to the worlds' most powerful vampire, her presence was bound to cause a stir. But nothing could have prepared her for this. Whispers follow everywhere she goes. So does trouble.
      But Katia will do her time at Crossroads. After all, she;s only enrolled at the prestigious school for pure blood vampires to fulfill a promise to her Great Uncle Aldo. Tucked away in the Green Mountains of Vermont, Katia hopes to shed the demons of her past and focus on her education. Raised blissfully unaware of the entire vamp world, she's got a lot of catching up to do.
      As Katia learns more about this dark society and her own legacy, protecting her past becomes increasingly difficult. Bodies start turning up in nearby Rutland and Katia is sucked into a twisted web of danger and deceit. Haunted by nightmares she can't explain and a thirst for blood that is never sated, Katia will do whatever it takes to keep her past buried. What choice does she have? Exposure will shake the Elder's Council to its core and likely result in a death sentence at the hands of the Linkuri.
     Nothing at Crossroads is what it seems and Katia's secrets may be the darkest of them all.

*Copy provided for an honest review*

After the Vampire tend started to die down in YA literature I began to peek my head out of the proverbial hidey-hole. Bouncing back into the subgenre, J.J. Bonds made my re-entrance a grand one. Crossroads gave me a confident feel once more for the lore of Vampires.

Going into this novel I had a tinge of Vampire Academy mixed with Vampire Knight going on along side me. The concept of bring vampires into a schooling facility to train them for the roads ahead of them was a big hit for me and allowed for my interest to peek towards this certain novel. Though the "new girl" tactic in literature is overused I did happened to enjoy the world that Ms. Bonds created. If you are a fan of the Vampire Academy series or even gotten your hands dirtied with the manga Vampire Knight, I definitely recommend this into your to-read piles.

After reading Legend by Marie Lu, I had a present tense fixation and J.J. Bonds definitely fulfilled my craving, and stocking up on a kick ass main protagonist, Katia, also filled my appetite. So far so good Ms. Bonds, you already got me back to liking vampires and you have your novel in present tense, I think I might be falling in love. Oh wait, Nikolai has already taken my heart with his witty banter and snarky attitude. With Nik and Katia, you have a dynamic duo of whoop ass going on. Definitely a check mark next to "badass protags."

This novel was a wonderful jump back into the waters of vampires and I was glad to have a chance to read it. With the addition Romanian terms towards the vampires, things were hard to remember at first but it was a interesting concept to grasp at. I am anticipating an exciting sequel with some more but kicking Katia and some dead-sexy Nik in the future.

First Line: I smell the smoke first.

Story: S

Cover: A

About the Author
J.J. Bonds is an independent author who writes young adult speculative fiction. Her debut novel, Crossroads, was released in fall of 2011. It is the first in the Crossroads Academy series. J.J. lives in Carlisle, Pennsylvania where her love of all things paranormal keeps life interesting. She lives with her husband and two rambunctious dogs and is expecting a new addition to the family in March.


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Anne said...

"dynamic duo of whoopass" that has got to be a new one for me, but it sounds right based on an excerpt I read from Katia's POV. Really makes me want to get the book more than ever.

Sandra said...

Thank you for the review. This sounds very interesting.

LadyRed said...

I love honest reviews of books, especially when it comes from someone who doesn't necessarily enjoy the subject of the book they are reviewing and then end up loving it. It restores my hope that 20-30 years from now there will still be vampire stories that are new and fresh since it can still be done today! This is a book I look forward to reading and sharing with others!

Na said...

Thank you for your review. I've come across many stories with the new girl take and what I'm looking for is a story with great characters. It's a plus to know I can expect some witty banter from Nikolai. Dialogue can help draw me into a story.


Kim S. said...

Great review. Thanks for your honesty. I too have been a little tired of the vampire subgenre. But when I saw the first blog on Crossroads and read the blurb, I thought "Hmmmmm, this sounds REALLY good, maybe there's someone who can write a decent vampire book again." And from what I've learned from all the other hops, it appears it's going to be J.J.! ;) Who would have thought in the YA section? I'm REALLY looking forward to reading this one!!

thewildtwo @ sbcglobal (dot) net

Lovey Dovey Books said...

Crossroads sounds like a great read! Thanks for the review :)

Candace @ Lovey Dovey Books

Catherine Lee said...

Thanks for the good review. I think the book sounds great...very appealing. I love a tough, kick ass young female protagonist.


Maria D. said...

Very nice review. I definitely have this book in my future.

junegirl63 at gmail dot com

bn100 said...

I enjoyed reading your review. I'm looking forward to reading this book.


Denise Z said...

Thank you for sharing your review of The Crossroads. I have been following the tour and I really like that you have pointed out areas that are worth pushing through. I would love to read The Crossroads and appreciate the giveaway opportunity :)

vadeluna07 said...

Going through this tour is making me very eager to read this book. Can't wait to read it!

Shanise said...

I've never heard of this book, but it sounds pretty good!
Great review!
- Shanise @ Camisado Mind

Teressa Oliver said...

Ok I read every one of the blog tours now. I bought the Kindle version and cant wait to start reading it
teressaoliver at gmail dot com

Anya said...

I am really anxious and I do mean anxious because I am almost done with the blog/site hop book tour stops. Because that means I am just that much closer to buying my copy of Crossroads. Thanks for hosting this awesome book tour and giveaway!

anya dot sandoval at yahoo dot com

Kali S said...

Thanks for the give away!

Giselle said...

This sounds so cool! I love that it's in present tense and I'm definitely adding this to my to-read list!!

Crystal said...

Awesome, this is going into my to read pile ;-)

shadow_kohler said...

Thank you for sharing! Great review. Im with others, im kinda tired of the vampire books and shield away from them...but this, sounds so dang good! Its one ill definitely be getting!

Alecia said...

Great review and so glad you enjoyed! I was becoming tired of the vampire genre in YA books after Twilight and every other vampire book that was then compared to Twilight buuutt I think I'm finally ready to venture into this genre again and this book sounds like a perfect return for me!

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