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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Post Volleyball Marathon *With Pictures!*

     Hey everybody, so sorry I haven't been very active the past week or two. The day's have not been kind to me and my school work has been piling up. As of Sunday, I have been sore beyond belief after playing in the Volleyball Marathon, a fundraiser for my school's music department to help us go on our big competition trips. Basically we participate in select matches in teams that we chose (mine team happened to be named The Deep V's) and we basically play for 10 hours, with the occasional breaks for water and food. 

     Between that and working on the music for our spring musical West Side Story and keeping my grades up and doing homework and everything, blogging let alone reading hasn't been the top priority of mine and it kills me to say that. But I hope to post some reviews and meme's in advance to bring the blog back to life and answer comments and questions whenever I can. I check my email daily and I always reply to tweets or facebook messages if you need to contact me but my email is basically the one-stop place that I will always check forever and ever.

     But I just wanted to post some pictures of the marathon and how awesome it was and how much fun we all had. Sadly my team did not win, we lost to the volleyball players, but we did make it into the finals. There the top 8 teams played and we were in seventh so it was a pretty good day considering this was the only year (let alone last *senioryear*) that we made the finals. It was a good day indeed. Just click on the pictures to make them bigger if you wanna see them full scale. I thank my lovely friend Kayla for taking all these! I love her sooo very much <3

     Note* I am the one wearing the Angry Birds Hat or wearing the orange shirt or the red shorts*