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Monday, January 16, 2012

Review: Legend by Marie Lu

Published: November 29, 2011
Publisher: Putnam Juvenile
Series: Legend #1
Young Adult
Pages: 305
Genre: Action, Adventure, Science Fiction, Romance

What was once the western United States is now home to the Republic, a nation perpetually at war with its neighbors. Born into an elite family in one of the Republic's wealthiest districts, fifteen-year-old June is a prodigy being groomed for success in the Republic's highest military circles. Born into the slums, fifteen-year-old Day is the country's most wanted criminal. But his motives may not be as malicious as they seem.
From very different worlds, June and Day have no reason to cross paths - until the day June's brother, Metias, is murdered and Day becomes the prime suspect. Caught in the ultimate game of cat and mouse, Day is in a race for his family's survival, while June seeks to avenge Metias' death. But in a shocking turn of events, the two uncover the truth of what has really brought them together, and the sinister lengths their country will go to keep its secrets.

I practically begged my boyfriend for Christmas to gift me this book and he did. I had high expectations for this book but the bar increased ten fold after reading. The phenomenal story of June and Day's lives sucked me into a world I never expected. Where revenge sparks the cause and lies  run the rules, Legend is a novel whose action drags you and whose characters leave an imprint.

Dystopian genre is a huge market out in the literary world but Legend has to be one of my favorites of the 2011 year, up there with Divergent. The dual POVs always happen to be a favorite of mine, allowing a wider spectrum of character thoughts and depth in the story line and does Legend give you that. With June, our prodigy and youngest military officer sparked with revenge after her brother's death, and Day, the youngest and most dangerous criminal within the Republic. Two minds to look through, two stories to adore.

Marie Lu did an absolutely fabulous job with completing the novel in present tense. Reading in past tense and third person past tense with most novels, it was nice to bask in the glory of the present. The thought of them living their lives while you read, fighting and going through tough decisions gives chills and keeps an air hanging because you know what they know. 

I am highly anticipating the next novel in this series to leave me breathless as the first had. The months seem so far away until its release.

First Line: My mother thinks I'm dead.

Story: XS

Cover: S


Kim said...

Oh I'm glad you liked this - it was one of my favorite reads of 2011! I absolutely adored June and Day's relationship! I did think some parts were rather too coincidental though like when June found the website but I still loved it! Great review :)

Kim @ The Paper Planes

Lindsay Cummings author said...

great review! I am in love with this simple but awesome cover!

stop by my latest review??

Stephanie Verhaegen said...

That first line is epic! Fab review!

Janus Vielle Aragones said...

I love this book too! Although I've never really been much of a fan for shifting POVs but Marie Lu had a way to make me anticipate June and Day's thoughts.

Great review! Like you, I can't wait for the next book! ^_^

Janus @ The Blair Book Project

Alyssa Susanna said...

Yay for Legend! I read and loved this book! I gave it four stars as well. I loved the double story throughout the book, but I found the climax and end predictable. Not that predictability is always a bad thing. I didn't mind as much as I usually wouls. I think that despite the fact that this book is another dystopia, I like this one more than, for example, Matched/Crossed by Ally Condie, Delirium/Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver, XVI/Truth by Julia Karr, Birthmarked/Prized by Caragh O'Brien, and so on. I like Day, and I like June. Can't wait to read Prodigy!!!!! :D
Thanks for the review!

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