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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Follow Friday (2/17/12)

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Follow Friday (#13)
Q: BeefcakeandBabes Asks: I like unique names for characters and am looking forward to coming up with some when I start writing. What’s the most unique character name you’ve come across?

Oh my lord, names happen to be really strange with me. I am all for creative, unique names but sometimes people just go overboard (i.e., Reneseme or however the f**k you spell it). Honestly there really aren't any crazy names that had wowed me enough to remember but I do love the name Alaska from John Green's Looking for Alaska. Definitely read it. I can tell you that you won't regret it!

 TGIF (#12)

Book Blogger Pride: What do you take pride in when it comes to blogging?

I take pride in organization when it comes to my blog. I have a set schedule that I enforce and stick to. Sometimes I don't always stick to the schedule because of school or just random cover reveals or giveaways but I usually have reviews on certain days and features on others.

Another thing I take pride in is making friends and being friendly. I have not met anyone in the book blogging universe that was ever mean to me, rude, or even jealous. There are people out there, and I know that, and some are not even bloggers but I digress. All in all, I adore the welcoming community that brought me in with open arms and I love all the people that I had come into contact with and hope to meet in the future! Cheers!


Jennifer L. Bielman said...

OMG, Renesme. I forgot about that name lol. And those are things to be proud of. Old follower.

My Follow Friday

Oh! Paper Pages said...

Following. Renesme is one of the strangest names I have ever heard. Ugh, I loathed the nickname even more. Great header, by the way.

Kristy Berridge said...

Ha, Renesme is lame. Just went over to another blog and they reminded me about Sookie! How could we forget that! Anyway, new follower here, here's mine

Shanan, The Book Addict said...

Oh I had forgotten Alaska--I loved that name! And the uniqueness really suited the character.


thepamjelly said...

Haven't read Looking for Alaska yet, but I really want to! I love the name Alaska, though. :) Good choice!

Have a great weekend!

Pam | jelly loves books

Vanya D. said...

Haven't read Looking for Alasca either. It's the first time I hear of it..

new follower :)

My #FF

Pennsylvania Book Chick said...

Yes - Renesme is a tad ridiculous ;-) I haven't read Looking for Alaska, but I'll be sure to look it up!

Here's our FF

Jamie @addicted2heroines

J. B. Kantt said...

I LOVE unique character names! I actually know a little girl whose first name is Alaska.

Have a FABULOUS Friday!!!! :D


Priscilla TheGreat said...

Okay, I'm adding that to my to be read list. I like people who are named after states. I think it's cute.
My FF Post
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Georgia Saunders said...

As usual, I am still playing catch up on Saturday. Friday was only enough time to do the twitter and FB follow, and set up the linky on my blog. Sigh! I'm so slow. Hoping to get faster with time.

Renesmee has come up a lot, with Sookie and Katniss the next most chosen. I finally chose a good name from my reading, but you'll have to visit me to find out what it is. hint: A lusty, fiery-tempered Celtic queen. I'm a new follower, just dropping by to say Happy Friday (and Saturday) follow.

Taylor @ A Booky Wonderland said...

Those are really original names! I haven't read Looking for Alaska yet, but I really want to read the Fault in Our Stars by him. I heard it's really sad. By the way, I'm following back!

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