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Friday, February 15, 2013

Diary of a College Student: 2/15/13

Well damn, I'm three weeks/almost a month into my second semester in college and God has my life been a stressful hell. Between my academic life trying to overwhelm me each day at a time and my personal life being hit by a torrent of things blown out of proportion, I can honestly say that my life is a wee bit topsy-turvey. 

My enjoyment is 50/50 at the moment, but increasing as every day goes by.

College is a time to make memories, hang out with friend, be responsible and a little wild at the same time. Contradictory, I know, but most enjoyable things in like are, are they not? So here I am, my college life taking me on a ride that I never expected myself to be on board of.

But then there are the friends that I've made who have my back, there to protect me when I don't feel safe. Who can make me laugh or have fun being with at any given time.
Not just that, I also have an amazing boyfriend that I care very deeply about, who sends me sweet text poems on Valentine's Day; who buys a bouquet of flowers and adds in the roses; who I am honestly glad that I have met on a stroke of chance/luck/fate whatever the cliched coined term may be. Though I am not a romantic and usually find myself ready to stick my head in the trash can at the thought of fate ever being used to bring two people together, I can honestly say that if the things that happened the night I met him never happened: A guy didn't debauch what we had asked for; I never went out to a party with friends; we had shown up later than we did, I probably wouldn't have met him in that moment in time and honestly, I believe that everything now would be monumentally different.

You're going to meet so many people in college. In the first month alone, I'm sure that I had met over a hundred people and had names thrown at me left and right. Some names stuck, others I had to ask over and over again or repeat out loud over and over again. There are people who you will connect with and there are people who you are going to steer clear from: it's inevitable. So don't worry if it comes to making friends. You're going to find people some how, some where. They might find you first, or you're going to have to take a stand and start diving in head first. But you are always going to have someone.

Now college is definitely an experience. Me myself am having so many experience that I cannot even fathom them all right now. But there are people that you meet who can change you--the way you think, feel, see, talk, etc. I had ignorantly gone through high school with a very narrow mindset. College has broadened my thinking, my views of people, how I act, and how I perceive others. I mean, there are things that will stay the same like:
  • How I will always make guy friends much easier than girl friends
  • I honestly do not enjoy girls all that much or cannot be with them for long periods of time. I prefer hanging out with guys, I honestly do.
  • My creativity and over-abundant imagination that ceases to amaze me
  • Procrastination.
But there are other things that have changed me for better or for worse, I haven't figured out what category they belong in at the moment but down't the road I will figure it out. One thing I can say right now would be my infinite amount of time used/wasted just Tumbling day in and day out. Some days the website can be a blessing, others it can be a complete and utter hell. Tumblr users know this well enough.

Other than that, my academics have been doing well. I accumulated a 3.5 GPA last semester, made the Dean's List. This semester so far I have earned the roll of secretary in my dorm's Hall Government, I am in the process of applying for an RA position, and I'm trying really hard to get reading/writing in whenever I can. (That happens to be the hardest thing in my life right now! Just finding time for the things that I am extremely passionate about.) 

All I can say though, for bloggers who are yet in college, getting involved is something that you should definitely consider once you get to this point in your life. It makes a whole lot of a difference. Bloggers that are in college or have already graduated, tell me your experiences with getting involved on your campus. Because for me, I have met so many amazing and wonderful, fun and inspiring people by getting involved. Never let the fear of being alone or things being awkward or anything of that matter keep your from getting out there. You want to make memories, so make memories with great people who you need to go out there and look for. Because really, let's be honest here, not everything is going to be handed to you on a silver platter.