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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Review: Delirium by Lauren Oliver

Publication Date: February 1, 2011
Publisher: HarperCollins
Series: Delirium #1
Young Adult
Pages: 441
Genre: Dystopian, Romance, Science Fiction
They say that the cure for Love will make me happy and safe forever
And I've always believed them.
Until now.
Now everything has changed.
Now, I'd rather be infected with love for the tiniest sliver of a second than live a hundred years smothered by a lie.
Lena looks forward to receiving the government-mandated cure that prevents the delirium of love and leads to a safe, predictable, and happy life, until ninety-five days before her eighteenth birthday and her treatment, when she falls in love.

*Purchased novel of my own accord*

What an exceptional novel that really put the bounds of love to the test in a world where love is viewed as a disastrous, deadly disease. Honestly, the concept of taking love out of the lives of the people is a cruel and unusual punishment in my eye, and Lauren Oliver takes this horrible amputation of emotion and turns it into a breathtaking flight for survival with Lena and Alex. Oliver engrossed me, had my fingers clinging to the pages as if they had morphed into cliffs. I wanted to learn more about the feelings and the struggles of living in a world where the word "LOVE" was considered the most vial profanity of them all, and where expressing the notions of it was pure crime.

I took my time with reading this novel in comparison to my usual fastforward/skimming reading habits when it comes to blogging. Lately, I haven't been able to get into the feel of reading with college and having a boyfriend and hanging out with friends being the active part of my life at the moment; they are the focus of my life at the moment, the memories that I am looking forward to look back on. Blogging and reading, though a strong hobby of mine, has been placed on the back burner for the past few months, but I swore that I would pick it up again. I just needed a good book to really set me into the swing of things.

And then came Delirium.

Just the concept of the book was enough to make me adore it. Character wise, Lena, being the society-conformed girl that she was made out to be, really did show what it meant to defy the odds and what you were born into knowing when you finally get that taste of how it feels. Though in some instances I felt that parts of the story were shoved with unneeded details and names that I would never remember, the beauty of the prose and the change that it was administered once Lena became "infected" with the growing emotion of love did me in, I was spellbound until the very end.

I admit it did take me a while to read this book. I had been lazy over my break and still not really fully into the course of reading, but I did finish it and I can say that I'm excited to pick up the sequel when I can finally get my hands on it. (Maybe the college library has it?) But, I do know that once I get my hands on it I will be shutting myself away until I finish :)

Final Summation: Even with the overuse of unneeded information and descriptions, Delirium took me away to a world that I wanted to learn about with character that I wanted to root for and cheer on as they struggled to remain together. The take on dystopian really comes out strongly, but not in a world desolate and destroyed, just corrupted. And the loss of love that the world is structured upon just makes me fall for it even more.

First Line: It has been sixty-four hours since the president and the Consortium identified love as a disease, and forty-three since the scientists perfected a cure.
Story: S
Cover: A