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Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Hops (3/8/13)

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Alison Can Read Feature & FollowFollow Friday (#30)
Q: What is a book you didn't like that all your friends raved about or what book did you love that wasn't popular?

The book that I didn't really like that people were head over heels for was definitely the Twilight books (horrendous, don't get me started on that rant) and the rest of the Hunger Games Trilogy. Don't get me wrong, THE HUNGER GAMES was a great action packed first book, but I still see it as a BATTLE ROYALE ripoff, and let's not mention that the beginning of CATCHING FIRE was just completely awful.

I can't really think of any books that my friends didn't enjoy that I enjoyed. I was actually the person who recommended many books to my friends, some of those books that I never really saw again. :(