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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Waiting on Wednesday (32): Gorgeous

Gorgeous by Paul Rudnick
Publication Date: May 1, 2013
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Screamingly funny and defiant - a must-read book for the summer!

This is a book for anyone who's ever faced herself in the mirror, wondered if a new lipstick could change her life, and either read VOGUE or thrown it across the room.

When eighteen-year-old Becky Randle's mother dies, she's summoned from Missouri to meet Tom Kelly, the top designer in the world. He makes her an impossible offer: He'll create three dresses to transform Becky from an ordinary girl into the world's most beautiful woman.

Becky thinks Tom is a lunatic, but she accepts and is remade as Rebecca. When Becky looks in the mirror, she sees herself--a mess of split ends and cankles. But when anyone else looks at Becky, they see five-alarm hotness.

Soon Rebecca is the darling of the fashion world, but when she meets meets Prince Gregory, heir to the British throne, everything starts to crumble. Because Rebecca aside, Becky loves him. And the idea of a prince looking past Rebecca to fall in love with the ordinary girl inside? There's not enough magic in the world.
Gorgeous cover without a doubt. I enjoy the fact that the text is incorporated into the dress itself. Absolutely astonishing at how the artist makes something so simple so breathtaking. I hope the story can take my breath away as the cover has.