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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Review: Another Little Piece by Kate Karyus Quinn

Publication Date: June 11, 2013
Publisher: Harper Teen
Stand alone novel
Young Adult
Pages: 432
Genre: Horror, Mystery, Paranormal

The spine-tingling horror of Stephen King meets an eerie mystery worthy of Sara Shepard's Pretty Little Liars series in Kate Karyus Quinn's haunting debut.

     On a cool autumn night, Annaliese Rose Gordon stumbled out of the woods and into a high school party. She was screaming. Drenched in blood. Then she vanished.

     A year later, Annaliese is found wandering down a road hundreds of miles away. She doesn't know who she is. She doesn't know how she got there. She only knows one thing: She is not the real Annaliese Rose Gordon.
     Now Annaliese is haunted by strange visions and broken memories. Memories of a reckless, desperate wish . . . a bloody razor . . . and the faces of other girls who disappeared. Piece by piece, Annaliese's fractured memories come together to reveal a violent, endless cycle that she will never escape—unless she can unlock the twisted secrets of her past.
*Digital galley was provided by Harper Teen for an honest review*

Strange. And definitely eerie. I couldn't put a finger on what I really liked about this book at first, but after mulling things around in my head I would have to say that the way it made me second guess myself and keeping me in suspense when I thought that I could pick up what was really going on. Another Little Piece twists your thoughts into a knot, keeps you in the dark, and lets you in on the secret one little piece at a time. Though the horror and suspense does make the grade, a story that does racks the brain, it is the lack of background explanation that left Another Little Piece feeling less developed than it could have been. 

Annaliese Rose Gordon (such a lovely name) is found miles upon miles away from her home in New York. Where has she gone? Why did she run away? What had happened to her? She doesn't know. There are no memories. There is one thing that she does know; the girl they brought home is not the real Annaliese Rose Gordon. Who happens to be the mysterious teenager that two parents have brought into their house? That is what makes this book fun--the suspense in finding out.

Creepiness happens to be my favorite thing about Another Little Piece. It's unusual and unique in the horror genre. With flashbacks to memories that have nothing to do with Annaliese, and a protagonist who is sought to understand what is happening to her, the fun of the book was the compelling mystery. Throw in a creepy boy who knows the truth and riddles the reader's inner detective, some strange inner cravings flashing through Annaliese to eat people, and a introverted neighbor that she is not allowed to talk to, I was blowing through the pages like nobody's business.

As I had said before, though the eerie qualities that makes Another Little Piece one fantastic piece of horror, it falls flat when key mysteries and characters never were given a chance for an explanation to give a more lucid understanding about the true mystery the Kate Karyus Quinn's novel centers on. In the beginning, the Physician is introduced. Later on, the Physician actually has this looming authority over Annaliese and the creepy stalker boy. Yet, it is never really explained what the Physician was about, who he is, what his purpose was in the novel. So there is him, and then the brujas whom which Annaliese has a strange encounter with later on in the story. Again, they are introduced, but never revealed to what their part in the story really is. That lack  of clarity on possibly two major influences over Another Little Piece, seeing as they take the horror tale straight into a paranormal twist, was an upsetting turnout.

Final Summation: Horror induced and eerie, Another Little Piece makes for one scary story that you won't forget this summer. Even though there are missing elements that could have made a stronger grasp on me, the book was still enjoyable. I will admit though, I am not one who scares easily. A definite recommend.

First Line: The field didn't end so much as trail off, beaten back by the rusted-out trailer and circle of junked vehicles surrounding it.
Story: A
Cover: A