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Friday, March 21, 2014

What do you do when TV shows consume your life more than books?

College, by definition, consists of a few key elements: 

  • overpriced textbooks that will collect dust all semester
  • hard-core procrastination to the extreme
  • on / off social life
  • marrying the library or your dorm's computer lab
and the gift that god has graced the world:
  • netflix

I absolutely love netflix. I'm all caught up with Once Upon a Time, Sherlock, The Walking Dead. I've been diving into Mad Men, taking on a marathon of shows with my dad whenever I'm on break from school, and craving more when I'm back at school, hoping to make it in time for the final season this April. (Only one more season to go!) Even anticipating Warehouse 13's unfortunate final season with plenty of laughs and tears. Disney movies and old television shows like Ed, Edd, and Eddy or Johnny Bravo or Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends bring back nostalgic moments. Documentaries may not be my favorite genre of visual media, but after having seen Jiro Dreams of Sushi, my curiosity towards documentaries had been piqued. 

Netflix is a college student's best friend, and worst nightmare. But as a reader, netflix is a killer for getting me into the mood to read.

It's so much easier to want a break from reading textbooks and designated novels assigned by professors, than to read all the time and then throw pleasure reading on top of it. A new medium is exciting and not a huge strain on my eyes or an easy way to put me to sleep like reading as been doing lately.

Is netflix killing my reading mood? Will I lose the want to read the more I watch netflix? Does anyone else find this problem?

Since I've been on spring break, I actually found the time, energy, and motivation to read an entire novel, Kokoro. And though it was for a class of mine, I actually enjoyed reading it. Sometimes just putting the assignment portion of the novel out of my mind and reminding myself that I'm reading for my sake, for pleasure's sake did help in the long run. I couldn't necessarily abandon the assignment from my mind, taking notes and critically analyzing did happen along the way, but I found the novel highly appealing in the long run.

Though, while I took breaks from reading, when I was watching netflix or television there came points where I just wanted to stop and pick the book back up and continue reading due to suspense.

So, is there an inbetween? Or can there only be an extreme one sided mood: binge reading or binge watching?