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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Friday Hops (7/4/14)

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What are some of your favorite picture books, either current ones or ones from your childhood?

I remember having this books read to me at my
school library during story time back when I was
 in Kindergarten (: Madeline will always
be a favorite on my shelf.
Harold and the Purple Crayon was always
a right-before-bed read.And the mystical
land that Harold travels to in
Harold's Fairy Tale always had me
dreaming of castles, knights,
princesses, and dragons.

Always a classic, and never gets old. I still
love finding Waldo even today. 20-years-old
and still stumped on some of these!
I remember reading this back in
elementary school. It was my first Italian
picture book, well my first book set in Italy.
All I knew was that I loved pasta
as much as Big Anthony. And I really
wanted a pasta pot. Still do.
Always a funny and exciting read.