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Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 End of the Year Bookish Survey

This is my first time doing the end of the year book survey that Jamie @ The Perpetual Page Turner is hosting, and I can say that I am pumped to look at all the books I have read in this long year. I know it wasn't much of a reading year for me since I was in Japan for study abroad and graduating from college, but it was an eventful one :)

Anyway, off to the survey!
Number Of Books You Read: 60
Number of Re-Reads: ~3
Genre You Read The Most From: Fantasy/High Fantasy

1. Best Book You Read In 2015?

A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab

2. Book You Were Excited About & Thought You Were Going To Love More But Didn’t?

The Sin-Eater's Daughter by Melinda Salisbury. It had nothing to do with Sin Eating. I was deeply upset by this.

3. Most surprising (in a good way or bad way) book you read?  
 The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera. I had like 8+ midlife crises while reading this book. And I cried at the end. The only Milan Kundera book I liked, and I read like 7 of them my entire last semester of college. And, funny thing is, I did not even include this book in my thesis. Go figure. 

4. Book You “Pushed” The Most People To Read (And They Did)?
I didn't push people to read any books this semester. I recommended The Pillars of the Earth and Code Name Verity to my friend interest in historical fiction. She loves art and architecture as well as WWII.

5. Best series you started in 2015? Best Sequel of 2015? Best Series Ender of 2015?

Seraphina by Rachel Hartman

6. Favorite new author you discovered in 2015?
Sarah Fine. I read The Impostor Queen this month and I was hooked.

7. Best book from a genre you don’t typically read/was out of your comfort zone?

The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera

8. Most action-packed/thrilling/unputdownable book of the year?

Cress by Marissa Meyer

9. Book You Read In 2015 That You Are Most Likely To Re-Read Next Year?

A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab

10. Favorite cover of a book you read in 2015?
Same as above.

11. Most memorable character of 2015?
Kell, Holland, the Dane Twins . . . everyone from A Darker Shade of Magic. I am completely sold on that book.

12. Most beautifully written book(s)* I'm making my own rule here read in 2015?

Bone Gap by Laura Ruby 

A Darker Shade of Magic
Illuminae by Allie Kaufmann and Jay Kristoff

13. Most Thought-Provoking/ Life-Changing Book of 2015?
The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera

14. Book you can’t believe you waited UNTIL 2015 to finally read? 
Seraphina, yes, it really was that good.

15. Favorite Passage/Quote From A Book You Read In 2015?
Shadow Scale by Rachel Hartman:
"I found you again. However strenuously the world pulls us apart, however long the absence, we are not changed for being dashed upon the rocks. I know you then, I know you now, I shall know you again when you come home." --Lucian Kiggs
16.Shortest & Longest Book You Read In 2015?
Shortest: Seraphina: The Audition at 17 pages
Longest: Shadow Scale at 608 pages
They are both in the same series.

17. Book That Shocked You The Most
Anything written by Milan Kundera. Especially The Book of Laughter and Forgetting. The ending will haunt me even in the deepest of sleeps. Please. . .for the love of all that is holy, don't read the ending. The last 50 pages or so. You have been warned.

18. OTP OF THE YEAR (you will go down with this ship!)
I will always ship Cinder and Kai. Runner up is Ayane and Kent from Kimi ni Todoke despite their break up. Ayane and Pin is second to them (but that is poor shipping on my part, because of student-teacher relations. womp-womp.)

19. Favorite Non-Romantic Relationship Of The Year
Delilah and Kell from A Darker Shade of Magic. If you read the book, you know why. If you haven't, you need to read now. Stop what you're doing. Drive to your nearest bookseller. Purchase book. Read. You will understand then.

20. Favorite Book You Read in 2015 From An Author You’ve Read Previously
Cress is the only book that I think I have read this year from an author I've previously read.

21. Best Book You Read In 2015 That You Read Based SOLELY On A Recommendation From Somebody Else/Peer Pressure:
Everything that I have read in all of my college English classes. Want to know what specifically? Just send me a comment. I will happily divulge the pressure of reading for class.

22. Newest fictional crush from a book you read in 2015?
Prince Rhy from A Darker Shade of Magic

23. Best 2015 debut you read?
I personally cannot think of any.

24. Best Worldbuilding/Most Vivid Setting You Read This Year?
A Darker Shade of Magic. Sorry that this keeps on being my answer to everything. It was amazing.

25. Book That Put A Smile On Your Face/Was The Most FUN To Read?
Kimi ni Todoke. A cute slice-of-life manga that keeps me smiling. I just want to take each character by the head and make them kiss.

26. Book That Made You Cry Or Nearly Cry in 2015?
The Unbearable Lightness of Being. Dogs dying makes me cry every time.

27. Hidden Gem Of The Year?
Bone Gap. A magical realism novel that really grips the heartstrings.

28. Book That Crushed Your Soul?
The Book of Laughter and Forgetting. The child island alone was soul crushing. Reader beware.

29. Most Unique Book You Read In 2015?
The Sin-Eater's Daughter. I may not have liked the book, but it was most definitely unique. . .

30. Book That Made You The Most Mad (doesn’t necessarily mean you didn’t like it)?
Frostfire by Amanda Hocking. I was mad because I did not, in fact, like this book.

1. New favorite book blog you discovered in 2015?

Carmel and Kyla. 
Check these talented ladies out. Their blog is adorable and their posts are elegantly displayed, well thought out and well-written.

2. Favorite review that you wrote in 2015?
A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab

3. Best discussion/non-review post you had on your blog?
I have yet to post any discussions, but I will as a resolution this year.

4. Best event that you participated in (author signings, festivals, virtual events, memes, etc.)?
Blog tours for days :)

5. Best moment of bookish/blogging life in 2015?
Reaching 1,000+ followers on Twitter and over 500 likes on the Facebook page.

6. Most challenging thing about blogging or your reading life this year?
The most challenging thing would have to be how I couldn't really read this year. It was one of the more stressful and event-filled years of my life. Japan, graduating college early, the only thing that I really had time to read were books for my Seminar class and my Literary Criticism textbook. So between everything about Milan Kundera and reading excerpts of Freud and Derrida, you can say that 2016 is going to be nothing but pleasure reading. . .hopefully.

7. Most Popular Post This Year On Your Blog (whether it be by comments or views)?
The Glass Arrow blog tour that I took part in this year was the most popular since this year was very quite for the blog. It consisted of a review and a This or That segment with the author.

8. Post You Wished Got A Little More Love?
I would love if Eirini's reviews got a little more comment love. Check them out if you have a chance, she put in a lot of effort and emotion into her reviews! The link his here.

9. Best bookish discover (book related sites, book stores, etc.)?
While I was in Japan I found that books are extremely cheap, namely manga. I bought quite a few Japanese manga for less than 200 yen (~$1.80). Manga here in the states sell for $8 and up. I was dancing among the shelves. Also, people stand and read manga all the time in book stores. They are filled with people reading and cute theme music.

10.  Did you complete any reading challenges or goals that you had set for yourself at the beginning of this year?
Yes, the Goodreads reading challenge. I read 60 books in 2015, and I originally signed up to read 50.

1. One Book You Didn’t Get To In 2015 But Will Be Your Number 1 Priority in 2016?
An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir

2. Book You Are Most Anticipating For 2016 (non-debut)?
Wink Poppy Midnight by April Genevieve Tucholke

3. 2016 Debut You Are Most Anticipating?
Blackhearts by Nicole Castroman

4. Series Ending/A Sequel You Are Most Anticipating in 2016?
A Gathering of Shadows by V.E. Schwab

5. One Thing You Hope To Accomplish Or Do In Your Reading/Blogging Life In 2016?
I hope to have some guest blogger interviews, so if anyone is interested I would love to know in the comments below. Eirini and I were also thinking of doing a segment called Slayer Sundays, where we would take a novel that we both have read and give our raw opinions.

6. A 2016 Release You’ve Already Read & Recommend To Everyone:
The Impostor Queen by Sarah Fine