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Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 New Years Resolutions

It's that time of the year again where we make promises that we try to keep, but usually fail horribly. Obviously I am speaking solely for myself, but if this has happened to anyone else, you are not alone.
Eirini and I have spent the past month thinking up ways to improve the blog (while abstaining from writing our thesis until the very last minute) and here are some of the things that we came up with!

  1. Discussion Posts! We've been talking about this for over a year now, but we are revved and ready to go with some great discussion post topics spanning from understanding ARCs, to our personal lives, to helpful blogging tips and concerns. We will also take requests from the public. No discussion is a poor discussion unless it is done in poor taste, and trust me, it won't be. Professionalism, ladies and gents, is our key component.
  2. Blog Segments! Speaking of professionalism. . . . Kinda related to the discussion posts. One or two Sundays a month, Eirini (her idea) and I (her name) are going to be featuring in Slayer Sundays where we either rant about bookish things with no strings attached, all raw, no editing or redacting. Or we both will be reading a novel together and go head to head on our opinions of the novel. One of us will be the persecution, the other will be the defense. The bookish courtroom is now in session!
  3.  Read-a-longs. Plain and simple, Storybook Slayers will host a read-a-long for a novel that has recently been published or quite dated. We will give you readers a poll to participate on the blog and linked up through Twitter. The popular choice will be the novel we read for the month. We hope to have the author guest star, and there will be giveaways at the end of the read-a-long.
  4. Blogger Interviews. We love participating in the book blogging community, and there are many new faces and blogs popping up all the time. I would love to spread the wealth and learn about the new and old faces that are swimming around the internet this year, and get to know them more and more. I hope this sounds interesting to some, and interests those who wish to be featured on the blog. It's a great way of networking, especially to newer bloggers looking to get their foot in the door.
  5. Top Ten Tuesdays & Memes. I've participated in quite a few blog memes over the years. Waiting on Wednesday, Follow Friday, Stacking the Shelves/In My Mailbox, and more recently, Top Ten Tuesday. Some have faded and others I stick with. And I would love to get back into TTT again this year. I hope to create a meme of my own at some point in my blogging career.
  6. Create a Book Challenge for 2017. I love getting involved, and I love being creative. For next year I would love to create a bookish challenge for all those in the blogging community to partake in. Constructive thinking is currently a-go!
  7. Comment Love. The goal of the blogging community is to connect and inter-connect. Commenting is a great way to provide thoughtful opinions and constructive criticism. I really have slacked on commenting in the past and was naive with the thoughts that I need to get all the comments on one post and not return the favor to those who took the time out of their day to give a thoughtful comment. Spread the comment love is what I aim to do this year. I hope to comment on 5-10 different blogs a day to show my appreciation rather than hit a comment quota.
  8. Less ARCs. I know this sounds crazy coming from a book blogger, but I am swamped with ARCs from the past and can barely keep up with deadlines thanks to school, and now work. Even with Eirini as a co-blogger (who is also in school for her senior year at college) there is plenty to read and not enough time. ARCs will hit the shelves in time, and there are plenty of books that have already been published that I have been dying to read, and that is where I want to dedicate my time. Deadlines and pleasure reading, I'd take pleasure reading over anything. Wouldn't you agree?
  9. Networking. Basically, becoming more conscientious of posting blog links on both Twitter and the Facebook page. And tweeting more on Twitter. I want to get to 10k tweets at some point this year. It's quite crazy to see that I've been on Twitter since '09, and people who joined in the past 2 years have over 60k tweets, and I only have 8k currently.
  10. Attend a conference or a book signing. I'm late to apply for ALA Midwinter, I cannot join BEA this year because it is the weekend of my college graduation commencement, and Bookcon is out of the running as well. If there are any other congregations and book conferences happening in 2016, please let me know in the comments below! As for book signings, I can always take the train into the City to Books of Wonder for any book singing events. I was looking to attend the Passenger and Truthwitch Launch Party on Jan. 11th granted I don't have work. I also will see if I can attend the book signing for V.E. Schwab's A Gathering of Shadows over in California this February.
  11. More Giveaways. I love giving away books. I find it to be so much fun, and I see no harm in spreading the bookish love to bookies all over the world. Please advocate and help the blog host more giveaways by purchasing books via The Book Depository. The link is on the sidebar. There will be a amazing 2016 giveaway hosted on the blog in the next couple days, so keep checking back!
  12. Be more savvy with coding and layouts. I (Courtney) was interested in creating blog layouts more recently, and decided that it was time to teach myself how to code. I already have basic knowledge of HTML, some Photoshop skills, and mostly all the time in the world now, so why not put the time and effort into honing those skills. Not only will it be influential for my blog, any anything in the computer world, but it's a great source of creativity and sometimes relaxing.
We apologize for the length of this resolution, but there are so many amazing things that we hope to get the blog started on this year, and we are extremely excited about all these plans. So, we leave you with a question to end this post:

What are your new year resolutions?