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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Bloggers by Day, Aspiring Writers by Night

I've hopped around blogs for the past four and a half years now, and there are a multitude of attributes that make us all different. Students. Wives. Husbands. Teenagers. Nurses. Accountants.

But there is one thing that I always find in common. Aside from being bloggers. Many of us in this gracious hobby of ours are writers by night. It comes with the title. We write and write and write all day, work our jobs, spend time with our family and friends. And then at night it is where we take to the ideas in our heads of far off lands that only we can paint. We are writers. We are aspiring for greatness.

Yet in our bookish hobby, we come across novels from different walks of life. And as writers we read to better ourselves, and better our writing. Whenever you ask a published author for successful advice they always say two similar words: Just Write

And write and write and write. We're writing about everything around us. The dialog we hear, the nature we see, the things we read, the music we listen to, everything we eat (or want to eat). 

We are writing.

And so, I am curious as to how many/what people are currently writing. Books. Poems. Novellas. Short stories. Haikus. Epics. Let your writing be heard. Give a brief idea of what you are currently dabbling in, striking up, fleshing out, or for those going above and beyond, querying to agents.

Don't let your work stay on the page, hidden in your folders on your computers. Get the word out. Tell your friends. Tell me by leaving a comment below. I am extremely interest in knowing what best seller you're cooking up.

I'll go first. I'm currently writing a novel about a girl who can talk to stars. It's a story about going the distance (literally) for friends, family, and learning what believe in and who to believe.