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Thursday, August 25, 2016

To August, with revelations

August was a gust of work and books and poems.
I found myself crushed by endless nights of no sleep, of cocktail kisses and midnight meanderings through poetic words that I fought through my chain-link fence of a mind. I have been preordering my favorite series and listlessly wait for their arrival at my doorstep. And while reviews have been sparse, they will continue to be coming.

Though most that I have read are novels I, sadly (not really), did not finish.

And I am okay with this. Because books are plentiful. And I have no time to continue in a story that I am uninterested in. No time to waste. No questions asked. If I am not enthralled with the beginning, I will cease to finish. If your story does not hook me from the first line, I will swim away looking for tastier bait. I am hungry for a story that will keep me on my toes, characters that I want to love to lose and lose to love. I want to be wowed. Close that back cover and stare at my wall like I just took a right hook to the face.

And, here I wait. But This Savage Song is the top contender at the moment. And I just received Nevernight in the mail with that gorgeous UK cover I've been pining over for months. So three cheers to some dark fantasy.

Andfor those of you who have stuck around to read this blog still, despite the horrible long gaps in postings, you will find Eirini and my DNF post at the end of the year to be a cornucopia of novels.
Some more rants are on the way. More personal journal posts. Some story nugget teasers. Novel-in-progress excerpts. And poems.

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