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Monday, September 26, 2016

Blog Tour Review + Favorite Quotes: Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco

Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco
Series: Stalking Jack the Ripper #1
Publication Date: September 20, 2016
Publisher: Jimmy Patterson
A Young Adult novel
Pages: 336
Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Romance
He’s the infamous killer no man has ever been able to find.
Now it’s a girl’s turn.
Groomed to be the perfect highborn Victorian young lady, Audrey Rose Wadsworth has a decidedly different plan for herself. After the loss of her beloved mother, she is determined to understand the nature of death and its workings. Trading in her embroidery needle for an autopsy scalpel, Audrey secretly apprentices in forensics. She soon gets drawn into the investigation of serial killer Jack the Ripper, but to her horror, the search for clues brings her far closer to her sheltered world than she ever thought possible.
*An advanced reader's copy was provided by the publisher for an honest review

Filled with mystery and a thrill of emotions and detail, Stalking Jack the Ripper really fills the void while you're waiting for the next season of Sherlock to come out in 2017. With a cast of characters whom, when it comes down to it, are actually, genuinely crafted with a touch of realism to the point of caring what happens to them. I was actually giggling whenever Thomas opened his trap. The man, though expresses his deductions in long-winded, Sherlock-esque paragraphs, does have a dapper and extremely witty tongue. I reveled in the banter between him and Audrey Rose, and many of my favorite quotes actually spawn from Thomas.

The only downside, I was able to figure out who Jack the Ripper was from the very beginning. I seem to be finding a science to figuring out these plot twists, but that did not stop my enjoyment of the mystery in the midst of Victorian London. This novel actually brought back memories of when I took a Victorian London class back in college, so kudos! It was fun reading about the East End and the Barnum and Bailey circus, as well as Maniscalco's author's note on the authenticity and fictitious nature of her novel. Over all, I applaude Stalking Jack the Ripper on the gruesome, the thrill, and the witty banter. Where Audrey Rose rises to the chance to break the gender norms of Victorian society, the wonder in the mystery for Sherlock Holmes fans, and a bit of history amidst the fantasy world that Maniscalco has carefully crafted.

 Exceptionally slayed, like Jack's victims...whoops

Favorite Quotes

"Not to mention, the subject matter was hardly appropriate for the dinner table. Discussing missing ovaries then asking him to pass the salt would be revolting for anyone, let alone a girl of my station."

"'What makes you sure I even need a partner? I'm quite capable of doing things on my own.'
'Perhaps it's not you who would benefit from our partnership.'"

"Saucy Jack"

"'Those who deserve respect are given it freely. If one must demand such a thing, he'll never truly command it. I am your daughter, not your horse, sir.'"

"'I see you've thrown yourself another pity party [. . .] you've yet to send out invitations, Wadsworth. Rather rude, don't you think?'"

"'No, Wadsworth,' Thomas said blandly, 'sending a kidney through the mail is quite ordinary. I do it at least three times a week to remain fashionable. You ought to try it. Really impress the girls at tea.'"