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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

New Year, New Things

Four days late in a new years post, but Happy New Year everyone!

Haven't heard much from Eirini and I since around October of last year, but we've been busy with post-grad life, jobs, and trying to get our lives together.

I've been moving from job to job for the past year, between job interviews in New York City with publishing companies and teaching abroad jobs, and finding no prospects in them yet, I've been promoted several times in my retail jobs. Looking at a manager right here :)

Eirini has been moving around in jobs as well, from bookstores to looking in the publishing industry, to moving out to Brooklyn come March, she's been a busy bee, but been reading WAY much more than me!

astonishing achievements 2016:
-graduated from college
-Eirini and Court both had their poetry published in magazines & college journals
-Eirini worked at a bookstore (lucky)
-Court became a lead and a manager in her jobs

things to look forward to in 2017:
-I created my Society6 store check it out for all your bookish needs and more. I'm really excited about this, been wanting to jump into this for quite some time and now I actually have time to sit down and make some more art.
-trying to move from Blogger to Wordpress
-new blog designing
-more Instagram posts
-trying to revamp the review process and make it easier and more effective
-being more active in the bb community
-going to more book signings

What have all of you been aspiring to do in 2017?